Power up your HubSpot SEO and social game

A new HubSpot integration's in town. Its goal? To speed up SEO and social media curation in your HubSpot portal. 

We built it for our own HubSpot Agency and it's saved us hundreds of hours already. Now you can put it to work in your business.

(In case you were wondering Fizz+Ginger used to be called HubToolkit.)

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Optimise descriptions

Keep within those 160 characters. Check for missing or lengthy page titles and descriptions and rewrite them all in one place. 

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Fix broken links

Piece together the missing links. Optimise your internal link strategy and fix broken or redirected links. All on one screen.

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Compress images

Put fat pages on a diet and boost your page speeds. Find large image files and compress them with just a few clicks.

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Curate social posts

Fill out your social calendar. Search for incredible content and share across your channels via HubSpot in minutes.

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Your trusty marketing tool kit

Image - Update page titles and descriptions  with one click-1

Improve page titles and descriptions 

Fizz+Ginger scans each page title and meta description on your HubSpot website and lists them in one place. 

So, if you're missing a keyword or breaching the character limit, you can fix accordingly on a page-by-page basis. 


Find and fix broken or redirected links

Fizz+Ginger uncovers your HubSpot website's pesky broken and redirected links - yes, all of them - and puts them in a neat little list. 

You can fix or redirect them with a click of a button or by manually typing in a new URL. 

Social media curation in HubToolkit

Resize and compress large images 

Don't let bloated images anchor your website down. Fizz+Ginger singles out your biggest files, ready for fixing, so you don't have to.

Using our intuitive compression tool, you can reduce the size of your images until they're practically weightless. 

Image - Social media curation

Curate social media posts 

Discover and post awesome third-party social media content in one convenient portal.

Build out a list of RSS feeds, publish dozens of posts at a time, and sit back as your HubSpot social calendars fill up.


Plans and prices

Pro plan. Perfect for companies. Get your own Fizz+Ginger account and connect one HubSpot portal to it with unlimited users. Free onboarding call and VIP support. $100 per month.

Agency plan. Perfect for HubSpot agencies. Get your own Fizz+Ginger account and add up to five client HubSpot portals with unlimited users (including client user accounts). Free onboarding call and VIP support. $200 per month for up to five client portals. Additional portals at $50 per portal per month.


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